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Tile Icon: The Sydney Opera House - 02/16/2016

There are many iconic tiled buildings and structures that catch our eye as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of floor and wall tiles but none more so than the Sydney Opera House. Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon and opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20th October 1973, the opera house is Australia’s most recognisable and highly regarded buildings, and for good reason. As well as providing the jewel in the crown of the city’s harbour, Sydney Opera House is a design and construction triumph. The building itself took 16 years to complete with many more in the planning, but it is the opera house’s use of ceramic tiles that really grabs our attentio...
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The History of Tile Making - 02/04/2016

The tile is a relatively unrated building material, but unbeknown to many throughout history tiles have shaped the interiors and exteriors of some of the most iconic structures around. Referred to throughout the ages as a slab or block, the tile as we know it today has evolved dramatically, however, regardless of the trends its sole purpose as a structural or decorative addition to a building still remains. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wall and floor tiles, we use our 50 years of experience to supply customers throughout the country with high quality tiling products at highly competitive p...
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Your Guide to the Compare Tiles Price Promise - 01/21/2016

When it comes to home improvements and the DIY jobs that we’re all guilty of putting on the back burner, the price of the products and accessories we need to complete the task to a high standard can make all the difference to our motivation levels. At Compare Tiles, we aim to deliver quality and excellent value for money throughout our product range, and have managed to achieve this since our inception. Our combined 50 years of experience importing and distributing bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles of all types, including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone products, has meant that we have built an enviable reputation a...
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Concrete is Making a Comeback! - 01/05/2016

Generally grey in colour and rather unamusing to look at, concrete has become an unlikely home improvement hero in recent years. Thanks to the vast number of finishes and colours now available in this wonder material, many homeowners and commercial building owners alike are discovering the benefits of concrete for themselves, and with a new year on the horizon you may be pleased to know that concrete is making a comeback, certainly where tiling is concerned. Before everyone really jumps onto the bandwagon, we thought we’d take this opportunity to offer an essential guide to concrete as a material to be used within the home. As well as exploring the benefits, you will also ...
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Why Choose Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles? - 12/10/2015

There are few tile trends that set the home improvement world alight but the rise (and rise) of wood effect porcelain tiles is certainly one of them. Whilst at first glance the question on every home owner’s lips would be ‘what’s the point?’ wood effect tiles have the means to revolutionise a kitchen or bathroom space, and not only transform the look of a room but allow a number of advantages to be harnessed. As a leading supplier of bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles, our range offers home and business customers alike the crème de la crème of wood effect porcelain tiles, but why exac...
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How to Maintain Outdoor Tiles during the Winter Months - 11/26/2015

With winter well underway, and the weather taking a turn for the worse, you may think that those maintenance jobs you’ve put off all autumn can wait until the weather warms up again come spring. Without the right maintenance however, gardens of all shapes and sizes can quickly fall into chaos with more effort and elbow grease needed in the New Year to pull them back from the brink. This theory not only applies to weeding, the trimming of foliage and the cutting of overgrown lawns but also to the cleaning and maintenance of outdoor tiles, which can become battered and bruised when exposed to the elements during those harsh winter months. Putting in some leg work now could i...
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How to Replace a Broken Tile - 10/26/2015

Over time tiled areas, in the bathroom or kitchen, can become worn and damaged. Yes, life does leave its mark but if you have a few broken tiles that need to be taken care of and want to avoid the cost of a complete upgrade, replacing individual tiles may be the perfect option for you. With a range of affordable bathroom and kitchen tiles – including porcelain, natural stone and mosaic products – just waiting to be explored, our experts certainly know a thing or two about tile fitting and actively offer guidance to customers shopping with us. Here we want to share our knowledge further with a how to guide on broken tile replacement. Remember prepara...
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Warm Up this Winter with Underfloor Heating - 10/13/2015

With winter fast approaching, talk turns to how to keep our homes warm without making gas bills their usual sky high self. For those looking for a heating solution that suits their needs and budget, underfloor heating installation is certain to crop up in conversation, and whilst many may dismiss it as an unaffordable option, technology and more importantly the cost of such innovation has become more economical in recent years. Here at Compare Tiles, we have become known and loved for providing the very best materials for home improvements at the lowest possible prices. In addition to importing and distributing an extensive range of bathroom and kitchen tiles, we also stock unde...
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Welcome to Our New Look Website - 09/29/2015

You may have noticed a few things are a little different around here, yes, has undergone something of an overhaul, and is back and better than ever! Known for bringing over 50 years of experience importing and distributing ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles to the web so you can unlock huge savings and an endless range of high quality products, our website has become a portal for those looking to improve their homes one tile at a time. Our recent transformation means that you can reap a number of rewards, here’s what you can expect from the new look Compare Tiles… A fully responsive experience Your experience is...
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Brick Slip Tiles – Are They As Good As the Real Thing? - 09/15/2015

Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom space is often seen as an expensive and extensive task but with the right advice and materials you can transform these important areas of your home affordably and efficiently. With over 50 years of experience importing and distributing floor tiles and wall tiles, our team has helped domestic and commercial customers from all walks of life and with all budgets complete the home improvements that have the potential to overhaul their home or business premises. As a result we stock a number of tile types, and whilst many home improvers will purchase high quality products in our porcelain, travertine and mosaic ranges, our brick slip tiles present a...
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